Host a Student




1. Only two international students per home. Each student must be of a different language background unless otherwise approved by the Director of Homestays Note: Placing a student in a home that is hosting an international student from any other English language program is discouraged.

2. All placements must be a private room unless otherwise requested by the student.

3. A homestay host biography sheet must be on file in the Executive Offices prior to, or at the time of any student's placement. Use of homes without this information being on file will not be permitted.

4. Travel time to/from the homestay to the school cannot exceed 45 minutes (via public transportation) each way. Exceptions may be made in certain situations with the approval of Home Placement Services, Inc. Travel time is defined from the time of departing the home to the time of arrival at the Center (i.e., inclusive of time to walk to a bus stop or other public transportation point).

5. Prior to placement of a student in a new home, a personal visit to the home must be completed by the homestay organizer or his/her representative. All homes may be revisited once a year to ensure that no adverse changes in the home have occurred since the time of the initial visit. Follow-up visits to any home may be requested by the Director or Homestays if/when concerns regarding the home arise. Follow-up visits are to be completed within no more than three working days of receipt of such a request.

6. Home Placement Services students are going to school to learn English and American customs. Homestay hosts must have native-like English fluency. English must be the primary language used in the home.

7. All homestay hosts should be advised that placement of a student into their home is NOT a guarantee of income. Note: Homestay hosts may not charge students any amount in excess of the agreed and published Homestay rate including charging extra fees for snacks, phone, transportation, internet, etc. unless special prior arrangements are made with the HPSI Office.

8. If a student has spoken at length with the Homestay Organizer about a complaint, the student has the right to request placement into a different home based on any one of the following reasons: a. Distance exceeds the 45 minute travel time requirement to/from the Center (excluding exceptions). b. More than two international students in the home. c. Meals provided are unsatisfactory to the student and do not meet the HPSI homestay requirements. d. Restrictions made by the homestay host are inappropriate to the student. e. The condition of the room is not suitable to the student and does not meet the HPSI homestay requirements. f. There is a personality conflict between the host(s) and the student. Note: In the same regard, homestay hosts have the right to request that a student be moved from their home in the event of a problem if the host has spoken at length with the Homestay Organizer and the problem cannot be resolved.  

9. Breakfast (continental style) and dinner are provided daily as part of the homestay. The dinner meal is to be a prepared meal taken with the host. Because breakfast is a meal which most students will prepare themselves, the host should discuss with each student his/her particular breakfast needs.

10. On the day of your student’s arrival, please make sure you are available at the appointed time or have someone at your home to greet your student.

11. The student must be able to move into the homestay before the start date of school. If you do not get arrival information from our office or if the student does not have the courtesy to call or email, you have permission to go out and about if you need. We suggest that you put a note on your door (or answering machine) and let the student know that you needed to go out and what time you will return. Please do not be gone for the whole day. Students are generally told that they may arrive between 10 AM and 10 PM and that they should inform the host of their arrival time.

12. Students are to depart from the homestay upon completion of their course.

13. Telephone deposits may not be collected from the student. If outstanding telephone debts are a concern of the homestay host, the host should consider placing a telephone block on the telephone. Unpaid telephone expenses under $100 are a matter to be worked out between the student and the host. If unpaid telephone expenses occur over $100, please send a copy of the telephone bill, student name and log number and every effort will be made by the Director of Home Placement Services to collect the outstanding debt (619) 423-1449. Note: If there is ever any concern about how to handle the telephone bill charges, please contact the Director of Home Placement Services and every effort will be made to help collect the debt.

14. You must provide internet, whether it be wireless or other connection.

15. Homestay hosts are never to discuss their own personal financial matters with students. Hosts are not to discuss with the student fees that they receive for providing homestay accommodations. Discussing such matters may result in termination from our homestay