Domestic Students

Domestic Students

Home Placement Services, Inc. provides each student with the best possible lodging and much more while they are our guests. Should you be attending a college, university or language school in Southern California, we are able to place students in the pleasant communities of San Diego County, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, La Verne, Claremont, Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara.

Instead of an impersonal dormitory, dreary hotel, motel or apartment, we will provide an upbeat, friendly, congenial and caring environment in a wonderful private home for your stay in Southern California.

You'll be pleasantly surprised at actually how affordable Homestay is when arranged by Home Placement Services.

If you or a friend are planning an extended stay in Southern California, please let us at Home Placement Services  provide you with more information on Homestay.

Home placement services provides distinctive quality and unparalleled customer service as we work to earn the respect and trust of our students, families, agents and employees.